Information about Hořické gymnázium

Hořické gymnázium is a private upper-secondary school. It offers a four-year study. We design it as a general grammar school with a wide range of optional and non-compulsory subjects, both science and humanities.
Thanks to a lower number of students, we’re able to individualize and differentiate the educational process according to the needs of each student. Students with specific learning disabilities can also be engaged better in classes.
Our school has established cooperation with universities, other schools in the city, similarly focused schools from all over the country and abroad, cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, social institutions, business entities, etc.
The founders of the school legal entity Hořické gymnázium are natural people, long-term grammar school teachers: Mgr. Eva Slámová, Mgr. Jiří Slezák, Mgr. Šárka Šandová, Mgr. Sylva Zajícová.

Educational field: Upper-secondary school
  Daily form of education
Duration of studies: 4 years
Date of entry in the register: 8 July 2014
Date of commencement of activity: 1 September 2014
Company identification sign: 181 055 660
Company identification number: 03 230 759
Resort identificator of legal entity: 691 006 521
Bank account number: 107-815 351 0227/0100

The school’s values

  • The school allows students to focus on the progress of the educational process, rather than just its results.
  • Education is a mutual relationship between the teacher and the student, both sides learn from each other and respect personal opinions.
  • Lessons rely on students‘ engagement; the teacher is a more experienced guide through the educational process.
  • A student accepts the responsibility of being involved in the educational system. A student learns how to accept the consequences of their behaviour and take responsibility for it.
  • We educate ourselves every day through our environment, activities, people, our experiences, and their consequences.
  • In addition to teachers, also pupils, parents and members of the public take part in shaping the school.

The school’s philosophy

Every person wants to live a happy life, and a happy person is a huge asset not only to their surroundings but also to their society. Moreover, a happy person is aware of their own worth and usefulness. To achieve this, a person has to find their exact place in the world. This knowledge integrates a person into a bigger community and shows them their usefulness and the unique role they play in the world’s progress. When a person is aware of their role and responsibility, they begin to improve themselves. A productive life then fulfils them with permanent happiness.

The goal of Hořické gymnázium is to allow personality development of students and guide them on their path to gain knowledge. We understand education as a complex process, because we are shaped not only by our knowledge, but also by our own experiences, creative and practical activities. The important thing for us is the entire process of education, not just its results.

We wish for our students to maintain or once again discover the longing for knowledge and the joy of discovering. We want to teach our student things that are necessary and to bring ease and continuity into the learning process.

Every person brings certain abilities into this world, everyone has their own talent. We help students not only to discover their talent, but also enrich it.

By learning the laws of nature, which cannot be changed and affect all that is happening, we discover with the students how the world works. We lead them to independent and critical thinking and guide them to form their own opinion on the purpose of life and human existence.

We try to help our students be aware of their responsibility for both their education and their thinking, speaking and their behaviour, because the way we think, speak and behave in the present, will impact the future.

We also care about the development of moral values and virtues, which are manifested on the outside, for example, by being decent, thoughtful, modest, open-minded, helpful etc.

Together with our students, we renew and strengthen our national traditions and customs as well as we cultivate the mother tongue.

By educating and staying at outdoor school camps, we develop the right working and studying habits. Practical activities, intellectual work, plenty of exercise and open-air stay contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We try to connect students with nature and thus putting them in harmony with rhythmic natural cycles.

When shaping the school, we inspire ourselves by schools with a similar specialization (Přírodní škola, Trojské gymnázium etc.). We draw inspiration from opinions of philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and other people, who devoted their lives to education and upbringing, as well as from opinions of teachers from different kinds of schools, parents, and students. Our own knowledge and experience from many years of work in education is extremely important to us.

Teaching methods

To fulfil our goal, we use various forms of teaching and extracurricular activities, such as:

  • outdoor school camps – We have a lot of outdoor events: adaptation course in the start of a school year for all the students, we either do the canoe course or stay in a campsite and explore the surroundings. In autumn we go to a cabin in Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) and have many activities there including hiking trips. At the end of the year, we go on an expedition, explained in more detail below.
  • teaching practice – A student tries the role of a teacher; they prepare a whole lesson for the class
  • individual work and team work – We learn both, to be able to work independently and to cooperate with others in a group.
  • interdisciplinary learning
  • practical activities outdoors
  • Projects – medical course, lectures with professors and other interesting people (even from abroad), museum visits
  • themed and sports courses – Canoe course, skiing course
  • field trips – We have many one-day trips and presentations in other schools.
  • Expeditions – Every June students form groups with various topics and then go to a particular location that is different every year. We stay there for the whole week and after we come back, we present our findings.
  • cooperation with other schools – Mutual inspiration, exchange visits for students

What is typical of us

Morning meet-up for all students and teachers – we discuss upcoming events, congratulate on our birthdays and what is going on at school every morning for about 10 minutes.

Patronage – older students are here for younger ones to help them.

Captaincy – this is basically the school parliament, there are students from every class that meet up and discuss what to improve and plan school events.

The golden credit – You can get it for good school representation (that means attending school events, extra activity like competitions, …) and then use it to replace writing a test.

For communication (and online learning) we use Microsoft Teams and for grading system and tests we use EduPage.

A graduate ‘s profile

We wish for a graduate of Hořické gymnázium

  • to be able to deal with themselves and with social changes
  • to be able to take care of themselves at home and out in the world and consider education something that guides them throughout their whole life
  • to help others and in times of need be able to accept help from others
  • to be able to ask, but also listen
  • to search for answers and to find them too
  • not to be afraid to choose their own path but also be able to share it with others
  • to win mostly over themselves and not compete with others
  • to recognize beauty and fight ugliness
  • to be conscious of their responsibilities and the consequences of their behavior
  • to be able to turn failure into an important experience and dissatisfaction into productivity
  • to be able to form an opinion clearly and express it bravely
  • to be aware of their originality and be able to appreciate others
  • to be able to lead but also be led
  • to be able to enjoy and not to be afraid of pain
  • to live with ease, but not take life lightly
  • to be honest, virtuous and to think of obstacles as challenges

Plainly and simply: we wish that a graduate of Hořické gymnázium won’t be afraid of life and will be happy.