Argumentativní esej – Vítek

4. ročník psal argumentativní esej k následujícímu tématu:

Next hundred years will be better than the last hundred

At first, I would like to ask a seemingly simple question: Were the last hunderd years succesfull? Well, despite World War II and few other conflicts, the humanity made a big step forward in the fields of science, technology, protecting human rights etc. The nowadays world is quite stable (except few exceptions) and connected as never before – but will it last forever?

On one hand, progress in technology and science seems to continue faster and faster, standard of living for European and American people is growing as well, because economy is strong.  For a common person in one of these chosen countries, it must appear like the undestructable one-thousand-years-lasting empire from the Bible stories.

On the other hand, even here in Europe are things getting tougher. For example, the refugee crisis divides the society in two halves and nobody knows how to deal with it and what to do. The difference between rich and poor is getting bigger – since 2015, the richest 1% of the population ownes more than the rest 99% together. And of course, even more dramatic is the situation in the rest of the world. Asia – two thirds of the worlds population lives here in terrible conditions that we can not even imagine, and produces cheap phones, notebooks, shirts, toothbrushes and toys, that we demand in our shops. And I am not even talking about Africa, with all its armed conflicts, diseases and a lack of drinkable water for hundreds of milions people. And these huge problems does not seems to be solved in the near future.

Personally, I am not optimistic about the incoming century, but in any way, the humanity will get what it deserves. Lets hope for a better tomorrow.

Vítek, 4.A