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4. ročník psal argumentativní esej k následujícímu tématu:

Young people nowadays do not make use of their leisure time

Everyone knows the story. Our mothers say “You are growing up in a dangerous virtual world. When I was young I used to play outside with neighbours and …” And they keep talking. But is that true? Was it better without computers? Are we the ‘bad generation’ with no hobbies? Many parents do not want to let their children use their computers even if it is necessary for school presentation and other educational things. They think it is self-destructive.

On the one hand, using electronics properly makes young people smarter because it is another world, it is something different. Moreover, they can do more than playing games and watching films. If they were really good at using computer, they could earn some money or also get a new job! Such as youtubers and programmers. And be honest, who can imagine living without electronics? Mobile phones, computers, tablets etc.? No one.

On the other hand, something has appeared with this uncharted world. What is that? Cyberbullying. Children do not have bruises on their bodies but they have grazes on their souls. And this is much worse. In addition, they can damage their eyes or spine by sitting many hours in front of the screen. I also have to mention that the kids do not do any sports or they do not go to the after-school activities – for example, chess club, art, choir or drama club.

To sum up, electronics is very useful and important in nowadays. It improves our brain and thinking. Otherwise, we should spend our leisure time also with another hobbies, friends or in society at all.

Tereza, 4.A