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Every Man Is the Architect of His Own Future

One of my favorite fictional characters is called Túrin Turambar, a hero in J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium. His title, ‘Turambar’, means ‘Master of Fate’. He ultimately dies a tragic death, failing to escape a curse which was cast upon his kin. His tombstone reads as follows:

‘… Master of Fate, yet by Fate mastered.’ An interesting question, regarding Túrin’s doom, arises. Are we really the ones who design our future?

For some people it is difficult to imagine that somewhere there is an almighty creator who gave life to every being on earth, governs every event taking place, and, mainly, decides the fate of all creatures. These rational people believe that they themselves are the only beings able to direct the course of their lives. What happens next is only a consequence of their prior actions, and they are the true architects of their future. Now more than ever, it is important not to go by other people’s opinions on what you should do with your life, nor yet to let them rule your life. In addition, being independent is considered to be a major advantage and may prove useful.

On the contrary, it is natural to think that we are not alone in this world. Sometimes, when destiny is too strong for us, we all need a little help or someone to share our problems with. Some people find comfort in believing that if there is someone who designed their fate, they are eventually supposed to overcome all trouble. This, of course, we have to respect.

It seems reasonable to conclude that every man is indeed the architect of his own future. And it is only up to us whether our fate masters us or not.