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TO BE OR TO HAVE: What are young people interested in nowadays?

Everytime I see a group of loud and vulgar kids who have a mobile or tablet in their hands, I feel a little bit sad. Certainly, at one point I was the same type of person, but I am an eighteen years old girl and I am trying very hard to see every single beautiful detail in the world. Everytime I go to school in the morning, I can find something new, what I have never seen before. And if it is possible for me, it is possible for them, too.
On the one hand, for future advanced civilization (in terms of technology), it could be good. If computers run the world, it will be necessary to be intereted in science and some machines and I am afraid that if there is someone who says, „I like nature and I do not agree with these new things,“ humanity will drop him out like a fool. Moreover, who knows.
On the other hand, it is bad, do you not think? I would say that young people have no life. Take one young guy. He wakes up in the morning, turns on the music and checks his phone. Then he takes earphones and turns the brain off for the whole day. During the day he can, for example, chat with his „friends“ on the internet, do some sports, sit and look out of the window and then he can do something special, such as lying on the bad and staring at the ceiling. Anyway, who does not do that, I know, but he is probably doing it every day. He is not interested in history, politics, his country, nature, books or his family.
To sum up, it is necessary to say, that it is not about all the people on Earth, but many of my friends, who have younger a sibling, know it very well. Time will show how bad it is.