Argumentativní esej – Lucka

4. ročník psal argumentativní esej k následujícímu tématu:

Young people nowadays do not make use of their leisure time.
In the past children were spending the most of their leisure time with their friends. They were playing in gardens or in streets, they were running, no matter they had bruised knees. When somebody wanted to talk with someone, he had to walk to his house. Despite no mobile phones, they were still alive and enjoying every nice moments they could. Most of us remember that childhood was so carefree. But what is our leisure time nowadays like? Could we still talk about the free time?
Nowadays we have got much more free time than people had in the past, I thing. And in the contrast with the past, we have many possibilities how to spend it. Especially thanks to the technical progress which brought us many spectacular thinks like smart phones, social sites, mobile applications and computer games.
On the one side, mobile phones and social sites facilitate communication between people. It is certainly faster than correspondence or even meeting each other. Also playing computer games can improve our skills like concentration and reactions or communication in English. And of course the most favourite entertainment for our free time are social sites.
On the other side, so much using of these technical devices can cause addiction. Scientists have also demonstrated new social contagious phenomenon which relates with using mobile phones. It could be similar to yawning. Many people I know try to avoid technique conveniences. They are very often more relaxed and rested. But in my opinion it is very hard to avoid using of the internet, because often we have to visit our school website because of homework like writing this essays and without internet we would be totally lost.
To sum up, everybody have leisure time, and it is on each of us how to spend it.

Lucka, 4.A