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4. ročník psal argumentativní esej k následujícímu tématu:

Every man is the architect of his own future
Do you think that you can affect the way your destiny goes? Are we able to accomplish something by simple faith? Everywhere around us there are stories about famous people who stood up, fought with themselves and their destiny to finally depart as heroes. Is this really possible?
Most of the people believe that one day they will reach their dreams. If we look at it through science, we find that there is a name for this phenomena – the placebo effect. The effect can do almost everything. A seriously ill man could cure just because of this effect. Also, it’s certain that a man who sets his goals will go on a designated path and will not get lost. Faith is unsurpassed and we don’t know its limits. Can we rely on something intangible?
On the other side, we could say, that the main problem are schools and jobs because we can’t just say stop and let it go. Whole life is planned by a system and if we break the rules, we will be punished. Also, many people say that the future is determined. Maybe it’s just a feeling but if we look at the fate of famous people, we can at least think about it.
In my opinion human mind hides many secrets about which we have little or no idea. In conclusion, I would say: Let’s be happy for the opportunity that we have, let´s not worry and let´s not miss our chance because it is quite possible that you are the architect of your future.

Jirka, 4.A